The RuBee Portal Platform (RP2) - The DoorGuard Hardware
The RP2 is High Sensitivity, High Security,
Plug-and-Play, Exit/Entry Human Identity
and Asset Visibility

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RuBee Portal Platform (RP2) is a smart portal, security guard and asset audit manager for people and mission critical assets. RP2 provides any high security site with a modular, hot pluggable, portal platform, that can be configured in the field to cover almost any high security exit/entry tag detection problem. Unlike RF systems, the RuBee Portal Platform goes through steel and people, and can read tags in wallets, purses even tags wrapped in aluminum foil, and inside steel cases.

The RP2 xP has a built in antenna

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The RP2 GateGuard Configuration

The RP2
GateGuard® configuration is shown to the right. A five channel Muster Plus drives a large loop antenna buried in the road, and two optional side loop antennas. As a vehicle enters or exists a facility it is scanned with all three antennas. We can find five RuBee ID cards with full discovery, detect and identify any RuBee enabled permitted assets, and detect and identify any RuBee enabled hidden illegal assets in about 5 seconds with 99% to 100% accuracy (see Whitepaper). That means a vehicle can be moving at about 5 mph to execute the full protocol (see GateGuard Acceptance Test).
The figure shown above illustrates how RuBee GateGuard works as a vehicle exit exit/entry platform with an ID detection and asset detection system. The figure shows that a RuBee enabled weapon wrapped in Aluminum foil, placed in a steel brief case and hidden in the wheel well in trunk of a “shielded” vehicle is detected on exit. The lower graph is the signal produced by a RuBee GateGuard system as the vehicle drives through a security gate at 6km/h. The green dots represent a valid read (checksums check) and red dots are failed reads. These data show that we can detect the weapon hidden in the case. RuBee GateGuard detects hidden assets at rates of 99% or better. The same vehicle may have up to 5 passengers with unique RuBee ID cards that can also be read at the same time as it passes though the gate at 6km/h. GateGuard can provide detection of high valued assets entering and leaving a facility with very high reliability.