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The RuBee Ecosystem

How it all works together...

The RuBee ecosystem has taken eight years of real world Defense and Industrial Internet of Things, field experience to create and integrate. We do have an unfair advantage - we are one of the few companies that takes full responsibility for entire solution. We are not "Hardware Agnostic" we are "RuBee Committed" to make everything work at 100%. We manufacture and make it all work as a system. We are responsible for both the first 20 feet and last 20 feet.. it has to work at 100%, or we do not get paid.

That's why we call our Apps 20/20….

PS: "Hardware Agnostic" = not responsible for entire system, no commitment to a total solution …

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What you see on left is the big picture overview, our 40,000 foot RuBee IO architecture.

1. Rubee Tags - go to tags Tab to see options including sensors.

2. RuBee Routers with BlueFin - we have several routers all Linux based with BlueFin firmware.

3. Dot-Tag edge ware, includes AccuAudit IO, our blockchain audit database, diagnostics, low level audit records (21CFR Part11) as well as raw data export to data miners on all transactions, firmware updates, and integrates data from all sources.

RuBee IO our application platform. We can also provide predix.io support (Compare GE predex.io to rubee.io), but in any case with 1,000 to 2,000 lines of code you can create a new Internet of Things application.

6. Applications - we have 20/20 solution products for Armories, Explosive Stores, Missiles and Aircraft assembly, and People Management.

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BlueFin is the resident Data Manager firmware in all of our RuBee Routers. Custom code can always be added, but BlueFin takes tag transactions (about 15 instructions) and makes simple calls via JSON over network. BlueFin has macro instructions that can discover tags with a binary search. It can also manage sensors. Most critical BlueFin keeps the database in Dot-Tag client updated with latest tag status automatically.

RuBee Routers

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Sidewinder is our RuBee router workhorse that manages a local RuBee network of tags. Each Sidewinder has four multiplexed antenna ports that may be loops or ferrite rods. Sidewinders have 32 Mbytes of static memory, 32 Mbytes Flash memory, a Linux operating systems that may be programmed in C, or Java. Each Sidewinder is also equipped with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) manager. A Sidewinder plugs into any network via conventional RJ45 CAT5e cable, obtains a local IP address via DCHP, and connects to a Dot-Tag server (see below) via the VPN. The Sidewinder manages the local RuBee network, through BlueFin, a firmware package with high level commands, and automatically maintains status of each tag or asset in a database in the Dot-Tag server. Most RuBee Appliances (e.g. Smart Weapons Racks) use a Sidewinder (click here for Details)
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Sidewinder AT - the SWAT is a Sidewinder in a tough industrial NOAA box that can optionally be certified as ATEX Zone 2. Rugged case is waterproof and antistatic for explosive environments. Optional WAN LEO, and GPS links for mobile applications full Linux, with BlueFin standard one antenna port optional up to four. (click here for Details)

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RuBee Portal Platform (RP2) is a plug-n-play multi-channel portal manager. The RP2 is used in many 20/20 products. It can be configured to read exit/entry events at almost any door. Conventional personnel doors (3' x 8') can be managed with an internal antenna configuration called Muster Plus. Wider doors may require antennas known as the DoorGuard configuration. Security gates and drive ways are managed using the GateGuard configuration. The RP2 can drive upto 20 antennas.

An RP2 properly configured for an exit or entry is capable of both asset and people detection with high sensitivity. Unlike RF systems, RuBee goes through people and steel so it is far more difficult, and in most cases near impossible, to hide an asset and get through a portal undetected. (
click here for Details)

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RP2 xP: Is an RP2 with built in antenna. Can be placed stand-alone by a door. With software the RP2 xP can be used as a standalone DoorGuard xP


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- The zPod has two orthogonal ferrites and an optional loop. can provide three axis reads with an RP2 base station. Good antenna for portals over door or on side. has ability to read larger areas in room. The zPod can be optional ATEX Zone 2. (see zPod Data Sheet)
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- The zGate is high performance portal antenna reserved for high security tag detection. Must be driven by an RP2. Antenna has a single ferrite with a loop antenna on perimeter. (see zGate Data Sheet )
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RuBee Rod
- The RuBee Rod is a single 25mm x 300mm ferrite than can be placed on racks or open space. Has a range of about 10 feet with most tags.
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The RuBee ATLAS Air Loop -
Special custom antenna used for explosive bays. Typical dimensions 8' x 25' and suspended from ceiling in NEC UL approved Cable Tray . Antenna is laminated in a carbon fiber jacket so zero RF emissions, and ATEX Zone 1. (see Air Loop White Paper , see Video ATLAS Video Air Loop Data Sheet)
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The RuBee ATLAS Floor Loop -
Special custom antenna used for explosive bays and factory floors. Typical dimensions 8' x 25' and placed on conductive floors. Antenna has four low capacitance flat conductors with carbon capsule so zero RF emissions, and ATEX Zone 2, with Zone 1 options. These antennas are custom for warehouse or factory floor. (see ATLAS Video Floor Loop Data Sheet)


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RuBee Cube is a compact router with many of the same features found in Sidewinder (Linux, TCP/TP) except has small internal antennas and lower power. Used for locally commissioning tags from a Laptop.
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Javelin is the next generation answer to mobile data collection -- The Javelin is an industrial, ruggedized MIL STD 810G hand held, manufactured by Visible, in a drop hardened industrial case, with a high performance RuBee reader built in, combined with 20/20 Apps, Javelins have a host of other options and accessories. Javelin have a two-way interactive RuBee base station and TagTool, a resident RuBee tag manager application. A Javelin can discover, ping, read and write to any RuBee tag. Standard Javelin have a range of 5 feet with a 13 foot range options. Javelin uses a Linux OS. Optional WAN, WiFi, GPS, Barcode reader and BlueFin.
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RuBee Enabled 810G Tablet General purpose MIL STD 810G Getec touch screen tablet running Android. Has a short range RuBee base station built into back. s the check in/out issuance station, with optional CAC card reader. RIS may have WiFi and Bluetooth removed for use in secure areas, and has a high speed TCP/IP RJ45 dock connection.
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gRap - RuBee Issuance Station is the check in/out issuance station -- The gRap is an industrial, ruggedized touch screen in a drop hardened industrial case, with a high performance RuBee reader built in, with optional CAC card reader. gRap may optionally have WiFi and Bluetooth removed for use in secure areas, and all gRaps have a high speed TCP/IP RJ45 connection.