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PRESS RELEASE August 17, 2011

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RuBee (IEEE 1902.1) Identified in Pantex Study as Only Acceptable Technology
for Secure Visibility and Management of High Valued Assets

Five-Year DoE Auto-ID and RFID Study Concludes RuBee Wireless System is Safe, Secure and Accurate Auto-ID Asset Visibility Solution in Harsh, High Explosive Environments

Stratham, N.H. (August 17, 2011) – Visible Assets, today announced that RuBee (IEEE 1902.1) wireless technology has been identified by Pantex, as the only Auto-ID technology that addresses all of the key risks necessary to provide a viable foundation for an automated material management system. Pantex, the Department of Energy (DoE) plant charged with maintaining the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile, released the results of a comprehensive five-year independent study that reviewed Auto-ID technologies for use in secure material and asset management at DoE facilities across the USA.

Presented on July 19th at the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management Annual Meeting, the study reviewed wireless security risks within classified facilities, intrinsic safety risks (accidental detonation of explosives) and accuracy of reads and writes in harsh environments for a wide variety of wireless radio frequency visibility technologies (RFID, Wi-Fi, RTLS, ZigBee and RuBee). RuBee was found to have no security risks, no intrinsic safety risks for high explosives, and had 100-percent read rates in harsh environments near and on steel and water.

“RuBee wireless systems enable us to manage critical inventory and production items within and across our facilities,” said Leesa Duckworth, program manager, non-proliferation scientist, at B&W Pantex, and author of the paper. “Automation and removal of human error is critical, not just to reduce costs and improve safety but to guarantee we have maximized asset security.” “We began a thorough evaluation of all ‘Auto-ID’ technologies that showed promise to move us in the ‘full automation’ direction – including RuBee, RFID, optical tracking, RTLS and many other passive and active RF tracking technologies. The environment at Pantex has unique security and safety requirements. RuBee met these requirements, in addition to providing high performance around metal and liquids, which were problems for RF-based technologies.”
“The DoE Pantex lab is one of the most demanding, highest security facilities in the world, given their vital role in assembling and disassembling nuclear weapons,” said John K. Stevens, CEO of Visible Assets. “This is far more than just a materials asset management study, it also validates RuBee’s unique Three-Layer Security. RuBee Three-Layer Security enhances existing Video, Alarms, Access Control (VAAC) security systems and adds a new Return on Investment to the equation through the cost reductions and error reductions seen with full automation. I am very pleased that the DoE has taken such a rigorous scientific approach to this study, and the outcome demonstrates that RuBee improves security, safety and accurately manages real-time mission critical asset visibility”

RuBee is based on magnetic energy, not RF energy. RuBee works on and inside steel, as well as under water. RuBee provides asset security and visibility in harsh environments where RFID, Wi-Fi and ZigBee are unable to operate. Visible sells several integrated network Three-Layer Security products, including Armory 20/20™, Asset 20/20™ and Server 20/20™. Armory 20/20 provides real-time secure, fully automated weapons inventory, check in/out and ultra sensitive, exit/entry management. RuBee Three-Layer networks are all based on embedded Oracle software systems, and provide high security visibility, with no significant eavesdropping, tempest or target risk. RuBee is the only wireless asset visibility technology that is approved for use in secure areas within the United States. RuBee has no known intrinsic safety risks and is approved for use by the U.S. government for safe use on high explosives.

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Visible Assets, Inc. is a privately held U.S. company, based in Stratham, N.H. Visible designs, manufactures and sells RuBee wireless real-time asset security and visibility networks based on the IEEE 1902.1 standard. Visible Assets provides its integrated visibility solutions though partners, including Epson/Seiko, National Oilwell Varco, Laser Devices, Azimuth, Marasel, Spearpoint, Dasco Data and Oracle. RuBee Visibility Networks are installed and working in numerous facilities and government sites throughout the world. Visible Assets, Inc. has an active RuBee licensing program. For more information, visit

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