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Visible Assets, Inc. and Eagle Eye Innovations BV Launch Plate 20/20; the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), for Steel Construction Plates.

Visible Assets, Inc. has licensed Eagle Eye Innovation BV, an integrated, automated visibility network, based on wireless RuBee tags (IEEE 1902.1) embedded in steel construction plates. RuBee replaces RFID in harsh environments, and provides enhanced construction site steel plate safety, rental records, optimized inventory, security and accountability.

January 19, 2016, Visible Assets, Inc. (VISIBLE™) Stratham, NH, announced today that it has signed an exclusive license agreement with Eagle Eye Innovation BV (EEI) to supply and support Plate 20/20 within the Netherlands. Plate 20/20 is a steel construction plate visibility system, manufactured by Visible Assets that uses RuBee wireless tags (www.rubee.com) embedded on the edge of these steel plates. Steel plates are widely used in the construction industry for temporary roads, soil erosion prevention, and as covers for excavated trenches. Plate rental companies typically rent the plates to construction sites. Because of the harsh conditions, including steel, mud, and water, RF-based technologies (RFID, WiFI Bluetooth, NFC, Zigbee) have proven unreliable. The RuBee tags are fully embedded in the steel plates and replace RF fields with a magnetic field (www.rubee.info/EEI-WWW). RuBee and Plate 20/20 provide 100% read accuracy in stacks of 30-60 high plates. The tags are expected to have a minimum ten-year battery life, and are in a MIL-STD-810G sealed rugged package.

John Stevens, CEO of Visible Assets, Inc. said, “This agreement represents an important milestone for RuBee and our company. We have made a major investment in the defense industry where we meet the very high standards for harsh environment reliability, security, intrinsic safety near explosives and fused ordnance, and human safety. We have many customers with strong technical requirements, who make aircraft parts, integrated missile systems, and with Armory 20/20 and Store 20/20 we provide automated security for armories, and explosives stores, including nuclear weapons all over the world. RuBee is unique in that it offers a HERO ZERO, HERF ZERO and a secure wireless visibility solution. We have recently seen a growing demand in 4.0 Manufacturing applications and other industrial applications where the only requirement is 100% read reliability within harsh environments. The Plate 20/20 system with EEI as an important new RuBee application example, and diversifies RuBee into the construction industry, and Industrial IoT, with one of the leading Dutch steel plate suppliers as partners.

The Netherlands rents about 1,000,000 plates each year, through about half a dozen rental companies. The European market rents an additional 20,000,000 plates each year, through many additional rental companies. These plates are considered mission critical assets at thousands of construction sites across Europe and US. They must meet a number of safety standards, come in a variety of sizes (150 cm x 250 cm x 11mm to 250 cm x 600 cm x 15mm) and can weigh from 725 kg to 3,000 kg.

Gjalt Loots, Spokesperson for Eagle Eye Innovation BV, said “The Construction industry and Eagle Eye have tried many other RF base technologies, but the steel, mud and water make RF-based systems unreliable. Visible Assets designed a custom RuBee tag that is embedded on the edge of a 15mm thick plate, and works 100% of the time, even underwater. The plates are typically stacked 30 to 60 high in a yard or construction site and a single RuBee loop antenna around the base can do a fully-automated inventory of stacked plates many times a day. We can also do a human-assisted inventory in minutes with a handheld reader. The RuBee tags and Plate 20/20 represent a major step forward in automation within the construction industry, and represent an important new example of the Industrial Internet of Things.

About Visible Assets, Inc.

Visible Assets, Inc. is a privately held US company, based in Stratham, New Hampshire. Visible Assets designs, manufactures, and supports RuBee wireless real-time asset visibility solutions and networks based on the IEEE 1902.1 standard. Visible Assets provides integrated visibility solutions for a variety of markets though RuBee application partners, including National Oilwell Varco, Lockheed Martin, US Department of Defense, and many others. RuBee Visibility Networks are installed and working in over 1,200 commercial and government sites. Visible Assets, Inc. has an active RuBee licensing program.

About Eagle Eye Innovation

Eagle Eye Innovation BV is a service provider that originates from a major steel plate rental company in the Netherlands, Schaap de with. EEI and Schaap de With cooperate with Lekkerkerker Rotterdam and Swanenberg (see links below). EEI has been created specifically to address the inventory management and visibility issues of these plates within Holland and has been supported by TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. EEI will provide an integrated command and control center for these plates based on the Plate 20/20 systems to the $6 billion EUR Dutch construction industry.

For Press Images and Background Material go to - www.rubee.info/EEI-WWW


John Stevens, CEO
Visible Assets, Inc.

Gjalt G. Loots V.P. TNO
Eagle Eye Innovation BV
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