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RuBee (IEEE 1902.1) an alternative to RTLS and RFID, is a packet based wireless technology. RuBee tags are active, with a field proven 5-25 year battery life. RuBee is magnetic, not RF, so it works on steel and underwater. RuBee is designed for high security, high human safety, high intrinsic safety, high noise harsh environments. RuBee meets all of the Defense and Industrial Internet of Things requirements.
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RuBee tags can be attached or embedded into any steel product (jet engine, guidance system, structural aircraft parts). RuBee turns the steel into a high performance tuned antenna with 100% reliable read accuracy. These tags are not line-of-sight, can be read in a volume, and are intrinsically safe in highly explosive environments (see Intrinsic Safety Tab).

We Provide 100% Read Accuracy and Pedigree For Your Sensitive Items
This One Minute Video Shows RuBee's Amazing Harsh Environment Performance

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Visible has over 1,800 installed RuBee Industrial and Defense sites worldwide with over twenty (20) million hours of problem free operation.

Our Punch List:
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RuBee Tags have field proven battery life of 5 to 25 years, with range of 1 to 50 feet;
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RuBee Tags are sealed meet MILSTD 810G, and are waterproof to 5,000 feet;
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RuBee Tags have a CPU with optional sensors and memory;
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RuBee is the only wireless technology that is physically secure, with no Compromising Emanations and no Tempest, Target or Eavesdropping risk;
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RuBee is the only wireless technology that is safe near and on explosives with a zero Safe Separation Distance (SSD), RuBee is HERO ZERO and HERF ZERO;
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RuBee is Human Safe, classified by the FDA as a Class 1, Non Significant Risk (NSR) and about 1 million times below OSHA safe limits;
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Because RuBee is magnetic it works at 100% accuacry in harsh high noise environments where RF is compromised.
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RuBee is the only wireless technology that provides 100% readability in harsh environments, not blocked by steel, liquids, dirt, snow or humans;

Learn about RuBee based component products by clicking on
Component Products Tab, about security and visibility solutions products by clicking on 20/20 Solution Products Tab, learn about RuBee the technology by clicking on the RuBee Academy Tab.

Video Gallery

Introducting the ATLAS Antenna
Automated Audits, Inventory and High Security For Explosive Stores.

RuBee Reads Inside A Nuclear Steel Containment Vessel
RuBee Does What Other Auto-ID Wireless Technologies Can't Do.

Impossible Houdini Technology Demo - Video shows a RuBee Tag placed inside a sealed Nuclear Containment Vessel, with optional sensors. Also see US DoE Lab Tech Reports (Report 1, Report 2).

RuBee Aerospace 4.0 Manufacturing - Paint Booth Automation - Just Introduced April 2016

DoorGuard xP - Easy to Install, Exit Entry Asset Detection and Security. (see
DoorGuard xP for details)

DoorGuard - Live Demo, Smart Portals Provide Exit Entry Asset Detection and Security.

DoorGuard Video Demo - Video demonstration of a RuBee Portal Platform, (RP2) configured with two antennas to detect illegal assets entering or exiting a high security facility.

Armory 20/20 Video - Smart Racks with Oracle Based Systems.

Armory 20/20 Video Demo - Video demonstration of a visible RuBee weapons rack. armory 20/20 a web enabled application,  with RuBee enabled smart racks and RuBee enabled weapons. Armory 20/20 provides full armory visibility, with audit trails. Weapons tags may have optional sensors for shot counting and  advanced waveform diagnostics for optimized maintenance of small arms.

RuBee Works on Steel Underwater
RuBee Does What Other Auto-ID Wireless Technologies Can't Do.

Amazing Technology Demo - Video shows a RuBee Tag attached to a steel I-Beam, underwater. RuBee readers can read Tag though steel and water at same time.